Urolift Patient Testimonials

Dr Aho suggested treating my BPH with the urolift procedure with has none of the side effects associated with more conventional treatments such as TURP. My case had been treated with tamsulosin and finasteride for a number of years until their effect was minimal and the side effects were affecting my life significantly. Dr Aho was very thorough explaining in detail the pros and potential cons of urolift and we agreed to go ahead with it during the first part of the 2020 pandemic. After the procedure I fell into a group of patients that needed a catheter and he carefully followed my progress during this challenging time. Urolift is a relatively quick procedure to have and my recovery was quick. My urine flow is very good several months after and I have completely recovered from the effects of the drugs I was taking for my BPH. A big advantage of urolift is that it does not interfere with sexual function unlike other procedures, which I consider to be a big plus. Is strongly recommended this procedure and especially Dr Aho when considering treatment for BPH.

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