HoLEP Patient Testimonials

Dear Mr. Aho,
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results from my HoLEP surgery – for more than a decade I had to sit to urinate (couldn’t get enough stream going to stand) and now I feel like a boy again! Having researched the HoLEP procedure on-line, I was aware of your renowned reputation in the field so your excellent skills and experience as a surgeon and urologist were to be expected but I was pleasantly surprised to find you also had such a wonderful rapport with your patient easily explaining everything so clearly and taking the time to answer any and all questions). All phases of my treatment – from when I originally contacted Janice to arrange the surgery,the admission and pre-op, the surgery and recovery, to the final post-op appointment – were superb. The efficiency and helpfulness of everyone involved were truly impressive.

Following the successful surgery, I was able to be released earlier than expected the next day since I was “voiding successfully” within 7 hours of the catheter being removed and I did not have to use any pain medication at all after the surgery. Since you were able to remove the uric acid kidney stone lingering in my bladder during the procedure, that was a huge added benefit! It was also so considerate of you to schedule the post-op appointment where it was more convenient for me (how often do you find specialists doing that? – definitely would never find that happening where I live).

The surgery was August 18 and I was back home in South Carolina by the night of August 27 still amazed at how great my waterworks are functioning.
Again, many thanks to you and your team for everything – I am so grateful that I chose to come to Cambridge for treatment (it was a fraction of what it would have cost here in the U.S. and was light
years better treatment).

United States of America

Dear Mr Aho

I would like to thank you especially for carrying out the HoLEP procedure but also to thank you and your staff for all the peripheral work carried out.

I’d like to reiterate that the HoLEP procedure you carried out gave me a step change in quality of life. My urine flow now starts on demand and stops when I’ve finished, the flow rate is also markedly increased. However, the real positive changes have been to remove the worry of further acute urinary retention and to come off tamsulosin


Dear Tev

Both (my wife) and myself are very grateful that you were able to perform the operation so quickly and, more importantly, so successfully. Thanks again for all that you have done


Dear Mr Aho

I’d like to thank you very much for performing the HoLEP on me. The aftermath of the procedure turned out to be almost painless, and I was very happy to be discharged the day after the operation. I would also like to thank Janice for responding so promptly and helpfully to my questions.

The overall improvement in flow is dramatic, to say the least. It is a long time since I could stand well back from the toilet pan and hit the back of the pan in a forceful jet! But now I can. There is a noticeable sense of having cleared my bladder, something I haven’t felt for a long time.

I resumed sex with my wife on Day 15 with absolutely no discomfort. Absolutely no erectile dysfunction whereas before the operation my erection tended to lapse after a while


Dear Mr Aho

I really want to thank you most sincerely not only for your expertise but also for the patience with which you explained the HoLEP procedure and the gentle way in which you annulled all my fears and those of my wife. As you so rightly said it was an operation without any pain. Now that I am released from all the external plumbing and with everything back to working order I am looking forward to a tranquil and comfortable future.


Dear Tev

I just wanted to give you a quick update after my return to Norway. The “waterworks” seem to be getting better day by day, so the result of the surgery so far has been even better than I had hoped for.

Again I would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent care provided by yourself and the staff at Addenbrooke’s and I feel very fortunate to have come across your website during my research. I especially value your optimistic outlook, which is in sharp contrast to some of the doctors here who did not give me much hope of becoming catheter free. I called the hospital here to give them an update, but they had closed my case after I had told them that I was having surgery in the UK. I would have thought that they would be interested to hear about the outcome as HoLEP could be of great benefit to many others.You have made a big difference to my quality of life, which I will be forever grateful for.



Dear Mr. Aho

It took a while to me to arrive at the decision for the surgical treatment (HoLEP) of my BPH, but the satisfaction with the choice that I have made is very high.  My recovery after surgery has been complete and my bladder functioning has returned to the normalcy of my youth (I attribute these entirely to your clinical insight and surgical skills and experience).  My wife and I are extremely happy that I was able to access your expertise as an international patient , and wish to thank you for the difference that you have made in my life and the sense of confidence that I experience regarding my health and wellbeing.

Every aspect of your communications with me and my wife showed sensitivity and desire to ensure that our emotional comfort and hopefulness regarding the outcome of my surgery remain high.   

With many thanks,



Dear Dr. Aho,

Almost four months have passed since you performed the HoLEP procedure on me and I am very glad to inform you that I feel wonderful.

The slight discomfort I felt during the two first month went away three months after the operation as you had mentioned it would.

Urine flow is very powerful now and there is no more leakage. I also need to urinate much less often.

Most of the time I don’t even need to go to the bathroom during the night.

Needless to say I am very grateful for your expertise and the excellent job you did.

You have changed my life for the better.

Hope everything is well with you and again many, many thanks. It was a real pleasure meeting you and to be under your care.

Warm regards and aloha



Dear Mr Aho

Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. It was certainly the most informative and productive meeting I have ever had with any hospital consultant.

Best wishes and thanks again for your help.



Dear Mr Aho

Further to my recent operation I am pleased to say that I have progressed extremely well. I have a good flow, no blood discharge, and no discomfort .The frequency is also good. I have had minor leaks in the first few days but this seems to have cleared. Obviously I am very pleased with the result and would like thank you personally and your team for the first class care I received.

Thank you once again I can not thank you enough.

Best Regards



The HoLEP operation by Mr Aho has changed my life! I am an active 74-year old and still working. I had BPH diagnosed 3 years ago and have been taking daily medication. I was up 5 times in the night to urinate, sometimes more. When travelling or out shopping I was increasingly looking for lavatories, and dreaded them being occupied! Travelling was increasingly difficult. Now I take no pills at all. Travelling is fine. I was in China recently. My slow weak flow is now strong and as I remembered it! Mr Aho was very kind and caring. I wish I had gone for the operation before.  

Many thanks again. You really have changed my life. Keep changing lives!

Men in their mid –fifties often find themselves in the same dilemma as myself. High PSA some erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate causing urination problems. For over ten years I have been seeing Urologists both through the NHS and privately (nine in total) I have undergone two prostate biopsies and other tests, even MRI scans.  Some consultants were advising me to have a Turp before my bladder suffered irrepairable damage.

In 2014 I saw an article in the paper saying that an operation called “Urolift” was being trialled and I applied as it was a possible less invasive cure for my problem. When I met with consultant Professor Tom McNicholas in Harpenden he informed me that my prostate was too large for the trial, but that I should consider a HoLEP procedure before a TURP due to the size of my prostate and if I was looking for a surgeon of repute he would highly recommend Mr Tevita Aho. On meeting Mr Aho my wife and I were totally reassured by his caring and professional manner as he explained all the pros and cons of the operation and I decided to go ahead with the HoLEP 

I am so glad I took this route because in May 2015 I had underwent the procedure performed by Mr Aho and his team and I can honestly say it was less painful than the previous biopsies. It is still early days but so far I am extremely pleased with the outcome. His team were second to none putting me at ease before and after the operation, followed up by a night on the Urology ward. The whole experience was five-star – from my initial contact with Mr Aho’s secretary who was helpful and informative throughout. I can only say from the bottom of my heart “Thankyou” Mr Aho and your wonderful team. I am from the North of England and the trip to Cambridge takes some five hours but if you want the best here it is.


A couple of months ago I began to bleed ferociously when pissing. 

That in itself is not life threatening, but if it leads to blockage due to clotting it is a pain in the willy and, in any event, they have to rule out anything sinister.  The UK now has a state-of-the-art operation called HoLEP done by one of the brilliant pioneers who invented this procedure in New Zealand.  Mr Tevita Aho – whom you can look up on the internet, operated on me, took out 70% of the enlarged prostate without a moment of pain and discharged me the next day.

I cannot too warmly recommend Mr Aho.  He did a marvellous job.  I pee like a horse again; all the side effects seem to have disappeared and I am much reinvigorated.



Dear Mr Aho

I would like to confirm that overall I am delighted with the outcome (of my HoLEP). I was amazed to be comfortable and catheter free on the day after the operation. Most of the minor issues peeing cleared quickly and within a few weeks I was swimming, cycling and running with new found energy in preparation for my next triathlon less than 3 weeks post surgery. I can also report an improvement in my ability to get and maintain an erection.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your surgical skill and for the time taken to explain the procedure and put my concerns about the possible side effects into context. Your explaining the minor cramping allayed all concerns. I am now enjoying a quality of life I could only have dreamt about 12 months ago.



Link to www.iwantgreatcare.org

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