Bespoke Prostate Health Check


You probably wouldn’t think twice about servicing things that you consider are important to keep working well, such as your car and boiler, so why not do the same for your prostate? Once you reach the age of 50yr there is a 30% chance your prostate will start to cause you problems.  This risk increases steadily for every decade of life after 50. 

Prostate problems might be due to benign enlargement of the prostate or to the development of prostate cancer.  

By having an annual prostate check you can have the peace of mind that potentially serious prostate and other general urological conditions can be diagnosed and treated before causing significant harm to your health.


The Bespoke Prostate Health Check at Tev Aho Urology consists of a package of minimally invasive tests and assessments that are specifically designed to assess the health of your prostate. All of the tests can be done during a 1-stop clinic appointment. The tests and assessments include :

  • Frequency volume chart. Please complete prior to the consultation for at least 2 x 24hr periods and bring with you.
  • Urinary flow rate measurement. Please come to your appointment prepared to pass urine for this test. For an accurate test you will need to pass at least 120ml of urine.
  • Bladder scan after urination to measure residual urine
  • Urine dipstick analysis (Please bring a fresh urine sample with you to the appointment)
  • Digital Rectal Examination of the prostate
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test. This test takes several days to be processed and the result will be communicated to you as soon as available.
  • Following your prostate MoT you and your GP will receive a full report documenting the results of the tests and recommendations for lifestyle alterations, and any further specialised tests or treatment.



How do I book a Prostate MoT?

Phone: 0207 9083601


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