Matta Kaikai

Sister Matta Kaikai

Urology clinical nurse specialist

Matta has worked as a urology clinical nurse specialist since January 2012. She is a key member of the clinical team, supporting patients during their time at the Princess Grace Hospital and following their discharge home after surgery.

“I am dedicated and passionate about improving patients’ quality of life, and strive to  maintain a strong reputation for achieving high levels of patient satisfaction.” 

Matta works alongside the nurses on the ward to provide specialist knowledge and nursing skills to patients in hospital

She also works collaboratively with Mr Aho, his secretary Kate, and other hospital departments and specialties to arrange any investigations, prescriptions or specialist care that might be necessary during a patient’s care pathway. 

Matta also provides specialist nurse-led clinics where she sees patients for: 

  •   Catheter changes or removal
  •   Teaching intermittent self catheterisation and catheter care
  •   Urinary continence and erectile function advice
  •   Urodynamics, and measurement of urinary flow rate and post void residual.
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